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Bilingual Services


For individuals who speak or are learning more than one language, difficulties may exist in both languages. In order to facilitate proper assessment and treatment planning, it is recommended that both languages be assessed. At Shoreline, we offer services in English, French, Swedish, and Greek. In additional languages, we provide services with the assistance of an interpreter. Our lead for bilingual services, Myrto Brandeker, Ph.D., S-LP(C), has extensive experience with working with bilingual individuals as well as providing services through interpreters.


A specialized bilingual language assessment includes formal and informal assessment of both languages, as well as a functional examination of language use and support for continued bilingualism.

Services in English are offered by all staff. Services in French are provided by Jennika Soles, S-LP. Services in other languages are provided by Myrto Brandeker, S-LP.

If you are interested in a bilingual assessment, please contact us here.

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