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Continuing Care Speech Therapy Bursary


This program was developed to increase access to intervention for persons residing in continuing care facilities who would otherwise not be able to access communication health care services due to mobility and financial constraints. Up to two bursaries are offered per year.


Eligible persons may have:

  • known or suspected aphasia, apraxia of speech, and/or dysarthria secondary to stroke or other acquired brain injury

  • known or suspected dysarthria, voice impairment, stuttering, and/or cognitive-linguistic symptoms secondary to Parkinson's disease

  • known or suspected dysarthria secondary to Huntington's disease


The bursary provides for a full assessment and block of intervention (up to 6 months) provided at the individual(s) place of residence. All costs of service are included in the bursary except for electronic augmentative communication devices (e.g., computer-based devices and applications).

Download Community Service Programs brochure.

Download bursary application instructions. 

Our bursary spots are currently full. Please still apply for future consideration.

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