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Contact Shoreline

Contact Information

Main Clinic:

Paddlers Cove
300 Prince Albert Rd., Suite 120
Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 4J

Services offered Monday through Sunday.


Select services in Berwick:

Berwick Library

236 Commercial Street

Multipurpose Room

Berwick, NS, B0P 1E0

Services offered on Thursdays. Additional availability to be added in the future.


Clinic Manager:

Main phone: (902) 219-3065

Fax:  (902) 704-5444

Directions can be viewed here.

Allergy alert: Paddlers Cove is a dog-friendly building. Several offices - including Shoreline - have a dog who frequents the office (our dog stays in the back office during clinic hours). If you or your child have a severe dog allergy, please let us know so we can accommodate your needs.

In-office hours are based on booked appointments. During the week, we work with clients in the morning, afternoon, and evening. On Saturdays and Sundays some clinicians see clients in the morning and afternoon.

If contacting us by phone, please leave a message if our clinicians are not available at the time of your call. Please note that calls are answered by our clinicians and that we do not have a receptionist.


For new inquiries, allow one to five business days (Tuesday through Saturday) for a response. Please complete our contact form below. 


Visit us on Facebook.

You may request a free 15-minute initial 'information meeting' with our Clinic Manager to discuss your needs and learn about our services.

Contact Form

New Inquiries

Your message has been submitted. 

Please allow 1 to 5 business days for a response (Monday-Saturday). If you do not hear back from us, please feel welcome to follow up in case there were technical issues with the form submission. Please check your junk/spam folder as well.

Where Sevices are Provided
Getting Here

Where Services Are Provided

Most services are provided at our office or by telepractice. Services in Berwick are offered at the Berwick Library.

For school-age children who are a good fit for telepractice, we can work with them during the school day if their school allows it and there is an adult who can set this up for them (e.g., Resource Room teacher).



Clients may be referred by their family physician, audiologist, neurologist, early childhood educator, or other health/education professional. Clients can also refer themselves.



Sometimes private insurers (e.g., SunLife) require a doctor's referral for you to submit claims under your plan. If you plan on using insurance, please speak with your insurance company to understand your coverage. Insurance companies have policies to protect your privacy and so are not permitted to release this information to us.

Learn more about payment options including which insurers we can direct bill to here.

Getting Here


There is free parking for visitors. 


The 62 bus stops outside the building on Prince Albert Rd.

There are two bike racks on the property. The one closest to the main doors is shown below.



Enter through the main doors of the building to access the offices at Paddlers Cove. The main doors are the two double doors by the white columns where the building bumps out (shown in photograph below). We are on the main floor of the building.

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