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Literacy tutoring services are available for children who do not necessarily require the more advanced skill set of a speech-language pathologist to provide intervention. Our tutoring services are informed by the work of the University of Florida Literacy Institute and the Barksdale Reading Institute.


To begin tutoring services at Shoreline, an assessment must first be completed by a psychologist or speech-language pathologist. We can accept assessment reports if this has already been completed by another service and the data included is sufficient for service planning.


To learn more about completing an assessment with a speech-language pathologist at Shoreline, please refer to our information about literacy assessment and related professional fees.


If your child requires assessment by a psychologist, your may be able to complete this with their school psychologist or you may wish to consult with a psychologist in the private sector. Magdalena Lysenko of Driftwood Psychology provides services out of Shoreline's office.

To learn about Shoreline's approach to literacy support, click here.

To inquire about services, please contact us.

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