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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Role of Speech-Language Pathologists

SLPs work with children with diagnosed or suspected autism who have difficulty with social communication, expressive language, auditory comprehension, and other areas of communication. Depending on the needs of the client and their family, intervention may involve individual parent training and direct intervention. 


Social communication is how we use language (vocabulary, grammar) to interact with other people. It includes skills such as making eye contact, greeting others, initiating and responding in interactions, asking for help, following the rules of conversation, and understanding others’ perspectives.


Children with autism may also have difficulty with ‘oral language’ – saying words, putting words into sentences, and understanding what others say.


Non-literal language includes inferencing (‘reading between the lines’), understanding words with multiple meanings (e.g., ‘duck’), idioms (e.g., ‘the apple of his eye’), and metaphors. Understanding non-literal language requires interpreting what is not stated explicitly and using context to deduce meaning.


Intervention typically includes parent training. Parents learn strategies to help their children develop their social communication and oral language abilities during natural activities – play, daily interactions, and routines.

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Information and Resources

The Role of Speech-Language Pathologists in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Speech-Language and Audiology Canada

National Autism Center at May Institute

"A Parent's Guide to Evidence-based Practice and Autism"

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